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high neck bikini top

High Neck Bikini Top, The latest trends in swimwear to get you in the holiday spirit are shown here.

In this article, Sam Wylie-Harris discusses what to dress in the sunshine, with suggestions such as metallics and belted suits.

YOUR SUMMER VACATION HAS FINALLY ARRIVED, the time you've been looking forward to all year.

Whether you're planning a trip abroad or a vacation at home, you'll undoubtedly be giving some thought to the bikini or one-piece you want to sport throughout your vacation this year.

If you've already taken care of your sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen, the only thing left to do is select some swimwear that suits you.

The following is a list of the major trends that have been making waves this summer:

High Neck Bikini Top

high neck bikini top


According to Danni Gisbourne, the creator of Summer Club The Label, "High gloss, glitter, and shimmer — whatever to make you dazzle in the sunlight" are the hallmarks of the next summer season (2022). (summerclubthelabel.com).

Gisbourne suggests keeping an eye out for textiles woven with metallic thread since they are shaping to be the material of choice for the eagerly anticipated summer.

Combine with eye-catching hefty gold chains and layered necklaces, which shine beautifully when worn with metallics and are now in vogue.

Summer Club The Tag or Label, The Triangle Top in Shimmer Pink, costs £115, and the Brazilian Bottom costs £78. Both pieces are available.

The next option is the Chelsea Peers Plunge Neck Eco Swimsuit, which costs £32.


Belted suits are flattering on all body types, whether the wearer is athletic, has a straight form, or has a curved figure.

Either invest in a swimsuit with a belt attached to it or jazz up a simple outfit you already own by adding a trendy scarf or belt to the ensemble (although this is probably more for sunbathing than swimming). It is a terrific look for when you are going to a sundowner in the tropics since it is universally flattering.

Studio Tropical Garden Green Belted Swimsuit, £16

Prices start at £95 for the Lands' End Women's Draper James x Lands' End Light Control Chlorine Resistant Wrap Swimsuit in Pale Green Shadow Floral.


Plunging necklines with subtle tie fronts or material created to show triangles of the flesh are two examples of how cutouts may modify a classic shape. Cutouts can also be used to create a new silhouette entirely.

These cuts are versatile enough to be worn in a wide range of hues and patterns, from bubblegum tones to zigzag designs and everything in between.

Orange cutout swimsuit by Studio Jungle Tropic, priced at £16.

Pink Tropical Lace Up Swimsuit from Debenhams, for just £19.20 (originally $32)


"The tankini is a joyful, Y2K-inspired style that brings with it so much memories – and is so wearable in many contexts," says Janaya Wilkins, CEO and designer of SLO Active. "The tankini is so versatile and can be worn in so many different circumstances" (sloactive.com)

You can use your tankini as swimwear, but it is also a comfortable alternative to wear when engaging in a yoga session. You could even wear it as a regular shirt and accessorize it with shorts or a skirt. "

Priced at £115, the SLO Active Tankini is a high-neck crop bikini top.

Tankini top with a Fatface Seahorse design costs £35; bikini bottoms with the same design cost £19.50.


The addition of ruffles to one-piece swimsuits is a delightful detail that walks a fine line between sensual and romantic.

You may wear deep frills as they are or pair them with a floor-length skirt that billows in the breeze. Frills come in various patterns, from elegant flowers to exquisite gingham checks.

Next, a white swimsuit with floral ruffles and a price of £42

Debenhams Garden Picnic Gingham Check Print Swimsuit, £10.50 (was £35).


High Neck Bikini Top

I put some swimwear from Girlfriend Collective to the test by spending a busy day at the beach, and here's how it performed.

Swimming, surfing, and other sand sports are more my pace than just laying around on the beach and doing nothing. The only obstacle? It is difficult to find a swimsuit constructed to resist everyday activities throughout the summer.

That is, up to this point. Enter Girlfriend Collective's new swimwear range has various swimsuits that are easy on the eyes, fashionable, and, most importantly, supportive.

The bathing suits made by this business are, in my experience, the perfect swimwear I've ever worn, particularly when it comes to activities that include water.

They're Always There for You

Girlfriend Collective swimwear is not an exception to the rule that there are lots of gorgeous bathing suits available on the market. The collection of bikinis and one-piece swimsuits offered by the brand is available in various styles and hues, such as scoop-neck, triangle, and one-shoulder bikini tops; cheeky, mid-rise, and high-rise bottoms; and v-neck and one-shoulder bodysuits.

I decided on a straightforward yet fashionable combination by selecting the red Marina Tahoe Scoop Bikini Top and the matching Lap Mid Rise Bikini Bottom. This two-piece swimwear ensemble provided sufficient covering and support for various summer activities.

And indeed it does. I tested the suit by wearing it to go swimming, surfing, and jogging about in the sand. It passed all three of those challenges. The top has the sensation of a sports bra; it is comfortable while still providing sufficient support, as seen by the fact that there was minimal bouncing while she was moving.

High Neck Bikini Top

It is constructed of regenerated nylon (more on this later) and spandex, and it features thick straps and an elastic bust line. These features work together to offer the medium-impact support that is described. In addition, because the top is also double-lined and features cups that can be removed, you can be sure that it will provide adequate coverage while meeting your comfort needs.

They Remain in Their Position

In addition to providing noticeable support, the Marina top, to our great relief, remained in place as it should have been. As a result, the top did not move when I was engaged in these activities: running about, swimming, or being battered by ocean waves.

The bottoms were precisely the same as before. They were also constructed of recycled nylon and spandex. Because they had both flexibility and support, I could move freely without being concerned that the bikini would follow my every move.

Even better, the bikini can withstand being washed many times. After several rounds in the washing machine, the ostensibly supportive suits that I have bought in the past have all become loose and baggy. In contrast, the Girlfriend Collective swimwear has constantly snapped back to its original form and feel to maintain its capacity to give covering and support over time.

They offer protection from the sun. High Neck Bikini Top.

In addition to providing support for your body, Girlfriend Collective also provides support for your skin: According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the swimsuit has been given a rating of UPF 50+, which indicates that it protects covered skin from 98 per cent of dangerous UVB and UVA radiation.

This does not imply that you should forego sunscreen, however, since this is one of the most vital lines of defence against sun exposure (using a safe sunscreen is one of the best lines of defence), and it does give an additional layer of protection against incoming rays.

The Brand Is Environmentally Friendly and Open to All

The natural world was considered during the production of these stylish athletic outfits. To begin, they are composed of 78 per cent ECONYL® regenerated nylon. This is a form of recycled fabric manufactured from waste nylon materials like fishing nets, fabric scraps, and industrial plastic that would have otherwise been disposed of in the ocean or a landfill.

Girlfriend Collective provides an in-depth analysis of how your purchase affects the environment. For example, a report from the Marina top stated:

0.99 grams of oil were saved, 0.30 kilograms of carbon dioxide were avoided, and 0.63 kilowatt-hours of energy were preserved.

In addition, the company provides sizes ranging from XS to 6XL, which is a more comprehensive offering of sizes than competing competitors.

High Neck Bikini Top

The 24 Best Swimwear Brands to Choose From, No Matter Your Budget or Personal Taste

No article of clothing is worn more frequently during the warm summer months than the swimsuit. But between finding your desired look for the occasion at hand, an ideal price point, and the perfect fit, the search for the best swimsuit brands and styles can be headache-inducing. In addition, studies show that many women are now a different size than they were before the pandemic, so finding the perfect swimsuit can be challenging.

The swimwear market has experienced tremendous expansion over the past number of years. At the height of the pandemic, direct-to-consumer brands such as Everlane and Good American launched swimwear to tap into more inclusive and sustainable markets. At the same time, established swim labels such as Summersalt and the French luxury brand Eres launched collaborations to cater to consumers' desire for escapist fashion. And now that tourism is flying back to life due to the loosening of Covid restrictions, even well-known resort wear labels like Christopher Esber have launched swimsuit lines that feature distinct components of their ready-to-wear collections.

"The swimsuit market has been more daring than ever before," says Devin Brugman, co-founder of Monday Swimwear, in business since 2014. Monday Swimwear has been in business since 2014. This season, there are a lot of cutouts, cheeky cuts, and incredibly bold designs. But, of course, there are also a lot of cutouts. I've noticed that the Y2K trend is for bold, colourful solids, and they seem to be winning the competition. A recent addition, for instance, to the very successful shapewear brand Skims is an example of how match back garment sets in swim fabric are already overwhelming the market.

The good news is that having more alternatives while shopping for a bathing suit may be beneficial, provided that you know what to look for to locate the one that is the ideal fit for you.

The many distinct categories of swimwear

To begin, acquaint yourself with the most popular swimsuit styles.

One-piece swimsuits: One-piece swimsuits are great for customers who want additional coverage around the middle of their body, and they look well on practically any body shape. Although they were initially almost exclusively used by lifeguards and competitive swimmers, modern one-piece swimsuits have a moment in the fashion world. While some are meant to protect and support the wearer, such as those with long sleeves, underwire, or racerbacks, others are created only for aesthetic purposes, such as those with cutouts or thong bottoms. The amount of coverage can range from complete to a minimum, and some of the alternatives have high-leg cuts that give the appearance of having longer legs.

There is a wide variety of styles available for both the tops and bottoms of bikinis. There are a variety of bikini tops available in a wide variety of styles, including strapless, bandeau, halter, underwire, and square necklines. Triangle shapes are likely the most traditional type of bikini tops. Cropped and longline shirts that reach a bit lower on the ribcage are ideal for a more transitional appearance. Other current cuts include "upside-down triangle" shapes, high-neck, one-shoulder, tie front, and cropped tops. Keep in mind that women with smaller busts may prefer to choose styles that enhance the appearance of curves, such as a triangle or push-up styles. However, they may also get away with petite bandeau or scoop neck types. Women with bigger busts should search for more support styles, such as those with an underwire, adjustable straps, and moulded cups.

High Neck Bikini Top

As with one-piece swimsuits, bikini bottoms are available in various cuts, including conventional, high-leg, cheeky and full-on thong designs. The degree of coverage provided by these bottoms can also vary, depending on your desire. For example, choose a style with a high waist if you want to feel more in control of your stomach or if you want additional coverage around the centre.

Tankinis: A tankini, which gets its name from the word "tank," is a top designed to be worn while swimming. These were commonplace in the early years of the twenty-first century and then went out of style for a considerable time. Still, they are making a comeback as nostalgic fashion trends continue to permeate all aspects of the fashion industry. On the other hand, the modern tankini is somewhat less like a full-length tank and significantly more cropped and fitted for a little more streamlined appearance. When you step away from the beach or pool, interesting cuts like high-neck and halter shapes are the most popular trends you'll see this season. When paired with shorts or a skirt, these tops are immediate outfit makers and look fabulous no matter the occasion. In addition, some models come with foam cups that can be removed or built-in and may be used if you want more support.

These swimsuits are a hybrid of a one-piece and a bikini, and they often have cuts that expose some flesh. As a result, they are known as monokinis. The style was made famous more than a decade ago by celebrities like Paris Hilton, and now it's making a comeback of its own. These are fantastic for highlighting hourglass shapes, but they might leave you with interesting tan lines.

When looking for the most acceptable swimsuits for women, here are some things to keep in mind.

Fit: "I think it's most important for women to select shapes that celebrate their most loved features and fit properly before buying," Monday swimwear co-founder Natasha Oakley says. "When choosing the right swimsuit for you, I think it's most important for women to select shapes that celebrate their most loved features." When it comes to buying swimwear, one of the most common mistakes women make is focusing too much on the size they believe they should be rather than the size most comfortable for them. Putting on swimwear that is genuinely tailored to fit you will make an enormous impact, and you will experience a significant boost in self-assurance.

More and more brands are selling garments with sizes beyond the traditional XL range to appeal to a wider variety of body shapes. However, it is essential to remember that not all swimwear manufacturers list tops in cup sizes, even though they often include a chart that will inform you which versions are ideal for different cup possibilities.

Before going to the beach, Jade Swim CEO Brittany Kozerski-Freeney recommends stretching while wearing your swimwear. This will prevent your swimsuit from riding up and provide maximum comfort.

Fabric: According to Kozerski-Freeney, the best figure-flattering suits are produced from high-quality materials that mould to the body and include four-way stretch. In addition, Oakley recommends looking for suits made of sturdy materials that are also buttery-soft and quick-drying. In addition, many different manufacturers now provide versions of their products that are less harmful to the environment. According to her observation, "we've been seeing designers employing non-traditional, sustainable fabrications" (such as recycled nylon, polyester, and polyamide created from ocean trash), which "add more life to your swim."

"stretch for swimwear is vital and also making sure the fabric is not visible when it gets wet," explains Shea Marie, the creator of Same Swim. "she thinks that stretch for swimwear is crucial." Look for designs that include lining, particularly in the crotch region and the bust line, so that you may steer clear of this problem.

Before you go out and buy a swimsuit, you should consider the occasion and activities you'll be wearing it for. For example, suppose you want to do a lot of swimming or surfing. In that case, you should probably search for more technical alternatives that include high-performance neoprene or Lycra fabrics and supportive racerbacks. In addition, "your choice of activities for a Saturday pool party may be different from what you select for a family trip," Oakley explains. "The primary distinction between the two events is the degree to which you are at ease with the quantity of coverage. For example, when I go on vacation with my girlfriends or to the pool, I prefer to wear my flamboyant and cheeky designs. Still, when I go on vacation with my family, I usually choose more traditional and comfy shapes.

High Neck Bikini Top

When looking for a swimsuit, another essential consideration to keep in mind is your body type. For example, customers who have long torsos should consider the size of their busts while shopping, but they should also seek styles designed to flatter long torsos that typically look fantastic in high-waisted bottoms. Women who have shorter torsos, on the other hand, may look more cutoff at the midsection in a high-waisted bottom; nevertheless, they can simulate the illusion of a longer frame by opting for high-cut alternatives. In addition, ladies who have short torsos might benefit from wearing high-neck designs since these aids give the appearance that the body is longer than it is.

Last but not least, Kozerski-Freeney recommends taking into versatile consideration designs. These include items that go well with other beachwear and those that have adjustable straps for tanning.

Price: There is a wide range of pricing for bathing suits. Consider purchasing a swimsuit from a luxury brand if you are ready to spend a few hundred dollars on an item that will last you long and is appropriate for your body type. Many affordable swimsuit brands make quality styles more accessible at affordable prices, with separates starting at around $30 and one-pieces topping out under $200. However, for those not looking to spend a small fortune, there is also a growing number of affordable swimsuit brands. If you are seeking to save money but just need a suit for a single trip or function, you may want to consider purchasing a style that is on the more affordable end of the range.

High Neck Bikini Top

Everlane excels at creating modern essentials, and its swimwear range is not an exception to this rule. Choose a one-piece swimsuit with a scoop neck or mix and match bikini separates in various colours, from colourful to neutral and motifs with subdued flower designs. The brand has three different silhouettes a traditional bikini, a thigh-high hipster, and a high-waisted hipster. These options are ideal for women who want more support and coverage with their swimwear appearances. Everyone is considered one of the most figure-flattering swimwear companies available today because its styles are offered in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. According to the company, each design is evaluated on 112 different women to achieve the most excellent fit possible. In addition, the brand's price point is pretty reasonable, with separates starting at just $35.

Each swimsuit is made with 82 per cent Econyl yarn; a 100 per cent regenerated nylon fibre made from fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring, and industrial plastic repurposed from around the world. This is done in keeping with the sustainable practices of the brand and the latest No New Plastic initiative. These items should serve you well for quite some time, given that the material is made in Italy, which ensures its high level of quality, that it can dry quickly, and that it is resistant to fading.

Skims \sSizes: XXS-4X

Styles include bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, monokinis, swim shorts, swim shirts, and swim skirts.


At the beginning of the year, the buzzy shapewear business owned by Kim Kardashian debuted its swimwear line. The items immediately sold out and went viral on the app TikTok. In the same vein as the rest of its well-liked loungewear and intimates, Skims' swimwear is made to be highly comfortable, figure-flattering, and supportive, and it is offered in sizes ranging from XXS up to 4X. Of course, the most expensive item in any brand's collection is under one hundred dollars, and it comes in one of the label's signature neutral colours like ochre or cocoa.

In addition to more classic one-piece and bikini styles, the company sells streamlined sport silhouettes. These include a body-hugging, mid-thigh suit, a long-sleeved one-piece, and a cropped tee for added coverage and sun protection. In addition, coverups that are water-friendly and made of recycled nylon and spandex fabric are available in a few different styles. These coverups are great for layering and may round off a sophisticated monochromatic appearance.

The brand's monokini will be a hit with customers who aren't afraid to expose more skin.

Roxy Sizes: XS – XXL

Styles: bikinis, one-pieces, tankinis

Provides styles for several types of water sports


Roxy, a brand of athletic yet feminine swimwear for women, has been around for more than 30 years and has maintained its status as a household name. It carries a variety of bikinis and one-pieces that provide ample coverage and a stay-put fit for water sports (think square neck, zip-front tops, and supportive full coverage bottoms) and styles that are probably best suited for lounging and leisurely swimming. The water sports that are best suited for the stay-put fit and ample coverage offered by the bikinis and one-pieces this retailer carries include: (underwire options). That is to say, there is something to meet the requirements of any possible aesthetic. The brand also has surf-specific one-pieces, such as long-sleeved variants with UPF protection that withstand the warmest afternoons and the most powerful waves. A variety of rash guards are also available from the business to complete your appearance for those customers who favour two-piece swimsuits but need additional coverage.

The finishes include a variety of designs ranging from monochromatic to vibrant, including some fun prints with a tropical theme. Many fashions are earth-friendly since they are made from recycled nylon, polyester, or polyamide; some of the models have Xtra Life Lycra, which provides additional durability. In addition, the brand is a relatively reasonable alternative, with separates beginning at only $35 and one-pieces reaching a maximum price point of $100.


Sizes: 2-14, cup sizes A-D

Styles include one-piece swimsuits and bikinis.

Sport silhouettes

Xtra Life Lycra and recycled nylon

Lululemon is renowned for its trendy leggings and workout gear, and the company also manufactures a range of swimwear designed with an athletic focus. The selection consists of simple, solid-coloured styles that offer additional support in adjustable straps, rear hook closures, and built-in shelf bras for one-piece swimsuits. You may also choose from a selection of high-rise swim shorts, rash guards, and shirts with UPF protection, all of which you can wear when performing exercises on the beach or swimming in the ocean. Pieces are available in sizes ranging from 2 to 14. In addition, many bikini tops are designed expressly in distinct variants to accommodate better a variety of cup sizes (A, B, C or D and sometimes a blend of two).

The majority of the items are constructed using a mixture of nylon, polyester, and elastane, with certain pieces including a percentage of recycled nylon and Xtra Life Lycra for long-lasting comfort that is also beneficial to the environment. Additionally, each of the mixes dries relatively quickly. Finishes that are ribbed or smocked can be seen on some shapes to provide an additional textural element.

Sizes range from XS to XL at Athleta, and cups range from A to DD. Styles include bikinis, one-pieces, and tankinis.

High Neck Bikini Top

An industry leader in athletic gear, Athleta is yet another fantastic retailer for sporty swimwear. The prices for separates range from about $49 to $69, and the most expensive one-piece is $119; as a result, these alternatives are solid middle-of-the-road choices. In addition, there is a wide selection of bikinis, one-pieces, and tankinis available at Athleta. These swimsuits are designed with supporting aspects such as racerbacks, concealed underwire support, and drawcord accents, which may help you achieve a close fit. Sizes range from extra small to extra large, and there are options for cup sizes from A to DD. Because its well-crafted styles come in variations specially tailored to flatter different body shapes, Athleta is also one of the finest swimwear companies for women on the shorter or longer side of the size spectrum.

The brand has a range of options in terms of design, from neutral and bright solids to colourful patterns with creative colour blocking. Additionally, to have less of an effect on the environment, the brand's swimwear is constructed out of flexible nylon that has been recycled. You may also choose from several rashguards and water-friendly shorts with handy pockets for storing your belongings, whether you go paddleboarding, surf, or train on the sand. These items are great for keeping your needs close at hand.


Sizes: XXS-3X, cup sizes A-D

Styles include one-piece swimsuits and bikinis.

There are a variety of options accessible for ladies who have lengthy torsos.

UPF protection given together with recycled nylon structure

The iconic company J.Crew is known for its girly and preppy basics, but it has also been selling swimwear for more than three decades, and every year, the quality of its swim line seems to improve. You will discover a variety of elevated cuts and patterns that seem so new each season and a selection of essential, classic items for traditionalists. But, of course, traditionalists will appreciate your selection of simple, classic pieces. We're talking about everything from stunning one-shouldered one-pieces with delicate ruching and shoulder ties to beaded and knotted bikinis. The patterns may range from paisley to stripes and everything in between. Pieces are offered in various sizes, ranging from XXS to 3X, with possibilities for cup sizes A to D and even longer torso lengths for ladies who want to wear them. To put the icing on the cake, each design is crafted from at least sixty per cent recycled nylon and has UPF 50 protection to shield the wearer's skin from the potential harm caused by the sun's damaging rays.

Mango Sizes: XS-4XXL

Styles include one-piece swimsuits and bikinis.

The Spanish apparel company Mango is a favourite among fashion editors for its sophisticated workplace and daily clothes. In our opinion, Mango is also one of the best budget bathing suit brands currently available. The bikinis and one-pieces are available starting at just $30 and come in various classic to modern styles. In addition, some of the options have updated elements like crochet and metallic finishes for customers looking for something a little more daring. There is also a selection of options available regarding the amount of coverage provided, such as thong, cheeky, full coverage, and high-waisted styles. The majority of the designs are available to buy in sizes ranging from XS to Large, and the firm also offers plus size alternatives in sizes ranging from XXL to 4XXL.

Bikinis and one-piece swimsuits with UPF 50+ protection are available in XS to L sizes from Eberjey.

A fabric that is smooth and contouring.

Eberjey's swimsuits are designed with the utmost comfort in mind, similar to the brand's well-known pyjamas, which have become increasingly well-known over the past few years (even Oprah recommends them). Every piece is crafted with a combination of nylon and spandex, and it is done in a lightly textured fabric designed to contour to your shape without feeling constrictive. As a result, they are comfortable for lounging and swimming, making them a versatile option. In addition, the styles offered by Eberjey have a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50+ and do not contain any potentially hazardous chemicals. You'll find a lot of ruffles and traditional cuts in the delicate assortment, but you'll also discover some items that have more surprising details, like cutouts and one-shoulder designs.

Christopher Esber

Sizes: Uk 4-14

Styles include one-piece swimsuits and bikinis.

Because Christopher Esber is such a well-known name in the world of swimwear design ever since he established his namesake label in 2010, it was only natural that his debut collection of swimwear, which was released the year before, had many of the same motifs as his ready-to-wear collections. The curve-hugging, impeccably tailored suits by Esber are complemented by the designer's signature accents, including cutouts, ruching, flossing (a look that continues to trend each summer), and asymmetrical constructions. These suits have been worn by A-list celebrities such as Zendaya and Emily Ratajkowski. These elements are rounded out by cuts that provide medium to full coverage, making the designs excellent for any buyers who want stylish, subtly seductive looks while still being extremely useful.

The pieces are available in various colours, including bright and pastel and more traditional colours. For occasions both on and off the beach, you might want to think about wearing them with something from the brand's assortment of casual bright summer dresses and sophisticated coverups.

Missoni Sizes: 0-10

Styles include one-piece swimsuits and bikinis.

Completely lined

The Italian fashion business Missoni is also included in the luxury category, which incorporates the brand's signature multicoloured knits into swimsuit designs. This season's swimwear silhouettes range from the timeless triangle bikini to trendy plunge-neck and wrap-front one-pieces, which will help you stand out from the crowd. In addition, you can pick from designs in a few different looks, such as an eclectic starfish and tiger print mix or a chic metallic finish and fashions decked out in the brand's signature zigzag pattern, which is featured on a number of the pieces in the collection. All of the pieces are entirely lined for your comfort, and they are available in sizes ranging from zero to ten. A bikini, often purchased in sets, may be purchased for prices beginning at about $370.

Bikinis and one-piece swimsuits are available at Monday Swimwear in sizes ranging from petite to large and accommodating cup size AA to G.

a selection of alternatives constructed from recycled materials

Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman, two of the best friends and former bloggers who started Monday Swimwear, spent many years living in bikinis while residing in Los Angeles, Sydney, and Hawaii. As a result, Monday Swimwear offers comfortable and feminine pieces designed to be the cornerstones of your summer wardrobe. A variety of swimwear, including one-pieces and bikinis, range from timeless to on-trend shapes and are offered in sizes AA to G cups to accommodate a wide variety of body types. Every one of the brand's swimsuits is crafted from the label's signature nylon-spandex fabric, which is available in a version made from recyclable materials and has adjustable straps and ties for a dig-free fit be customized to the wearer's specifications. Meanwhile, simple hardware details lend an understated sense of sophistication to each ensemble.

In addition to the seasonal collections that the label produces has a line called "The Signature Collection," stocked all year round and contained classic cuts in neutral colours like black, sand, and ivory. A variety of airy shirts, skirts, pants, and sarongs are also included so that you may effortlessly pair your go-to swimsuit with any of these pieces.

Solid & Striped

Sizes: XS-XXL

Styles include one-piece swimsuits and bikinis.

Some designs can be personalized with initials and are environmentally friendly.

The swimsuit brand Solid & Striped, located in New York City, initially took over Instagram feeds a few summers ago. Still, it continues to be a popular choice due to the high-quality and classic items that it offers. The brand's name gives away the fact that it provides a wide variety of solid-coloured and patterned swimsuits that include feminine accents like ruffles and belts to provide an updated twist on traditional styles. A wide variety of silhouettes, such as sporty, one-shoulder, halter, triangle, underwire, and even reversible designs, may be found among the offered pieces. Personalization is made possible for sure of the company's fashions by adding initials or national flags. This feature is exclusive to the brand. In addition, the brand offers a whole collection of eco-friendly products, some of which are crafted from recycled polyamide. The sizes go all the way up to XXL.

I have the original one-piece from the company, the Anne Marie, and it fits me like a glove. The timeless style of a scoop neck, which I possess in black, delicately raises my natural bust line, and the low back delivers seductive sensations. In addition, the cut that runs down the bikini line does not bind or constrict. Because this item is both stylish and comfy, I often wear it as a bodysuit for evenings out, pairing it with jeans or a skirt (which is a win-win in my book).

Sizes range from XS to XXL for A to FF cups at Frankie's Bikinis.

Styles: Bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces, monokinis

prints that are vivid and influenced by the past.

Frankie's Bikinis is a popular destination for fashion influencers and celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Miley Cyrus due to the boutique's hip, Malibu cool-girl fashions. These styles include anything from cutout floral one-pieces to wacky tie-dye bikinis. The brand, which is based in Los Angeles, provides swimwear in a wide range of coverage levels (from complete to sparse), sizes (from XS to XXL for cups A to FF), fabrics (from smooth to ribbed), and silhouettes (from bandeau to triangle and halter), all of which are available in vibrant colours and eye-catching prints that are sure to attract attention at any resort pool or beach. However, there is also a variety of black and white goods available for those who prefer something with fewer colour options. In addition, the brand creates ready-to-wear items and coverups that go perfectly with each other to round off your ensemble.

I was born and raised in California, and Frankie's has always been one of my go-to restaurants. When the warm weather season comes around, I make it a point to check the website frequently for new styles (in fact, I can't wait to get my hands on the label's upcoming collaboration with Gigi Hadid, which is loaded with of-the-moment gingham prints, sweet ruffles, and retro-inspired, high-waisted fits that I plan to rock throughout the summer). Even while its sets, in particular, tend to be an investment (separates start at approximately $90), the quality and look are worth the money, in my opinion, if you are in the market for exquisite items that are built to last.

Bikinis and one-piece swimsuits are the styles offered by Louisa Ballou. Sizes range from XS to XL.


Louisa Ballou's namesake label has only been operating for a few years, but the 28-year-old designer is no newcomer to the fashion world. She has previously refined her art while working at Loewe in Paris and at Vissla, a men's swimwear company located in California. Because of its one-of-a-kind and vivid patterns and its sexy resort wear and bathing suit styles, the high-end company has won the hearts of a plethora of celebrities, like Lori Harvey, Meghan Thee Stallion, and Kylie Jenner. The latter has a multitude of cuts and characteristic metallic ring elements. Some of them are even crafted with recycled polyamide for an added touch of eco-friendliness.

The high-end swimwear company does offer some expensive suits (like Bella Hadid's go-to Sex Wax one-piece), but other of the label's pieces can be purchased for a reasonable price. For example, the label's bottoms can be purchased for as little as $60. Combine your LB swimwear with one of the brand's sheer shirts or short dresses in the same design for a matchy-matchy style that is both fun and flattering.

Styles include bikinis and one-pieces; sizes range from extra small to extra large.

Made by hand in the state of California and constructed of Italian fabrics

Shea Marie, a prominent travel and lifestyle blogger, created her swimsuit line in 2016 with a distinct fashion-forward yet casual look. She was inspired by her Californian upbringing when designing the brand's concept. The garments sold by Same Swim are each crafted by hand in Los Angeles, California, using opulent Italian materials. They have four-way stretch capabilities, which allow them to fit like a second skin. Beaded, chunky chain link-embellished and even double-layered one-pieces and bikinis are among the bestsellers in this category. These items are available in bold, classic, and high-rise shapes to suit various body types. There is also an incorporation of the patterns and colours seen on the runways, such as simple neutrals, earth tones, and stylish animal-inspired finishes. The prices for the separates start around $90, and the sizes range from extra small to large (consider these investment pieces).

In addition to carrying fashionable items for ladies, the company also sells fashionable alternatives for children, which you can use to ensure that your child will be the cutest little kid at the pool.

Tropic of Capricorn

Sizes: XS-L

Styles include one-piece swimsuits and bikinis.

Lycra Xtra Life is an eco-friendly company that Candice Swanepoel established. Their fashions are inspired by nature.

Candice Swanepoel, a model from South Africa, launched her swimwear brand in 2018, which has a variety of seductive items that are also healthier for the environment. The model took inspiration for the line from both nature and the feminine form. Econyl is a type of recycled nylon manufactured from trash discovered in landfills and the ocean. The bulk of the designs is made with Econyl, while the remaining styles are made with durable Lycra Xtra Life to ensure that the styles have a place of longevity in your wardrobe. All of the brand's designs are created digitally, and some of the possibilities are manufactured from high-performance polyester constructed entirely from recycled plastic water bottles. This helps the company lower its overall carbon impact. A purchase from this firm is an investment that will make you feel good on several fronts since it helps local craftspeople find work and financially supports international organizations promoting women's advancement.

This brand is known for its high-cut bottoms and one-pieces, which give the appearance of longer legs and are reminiscent of the Baywatch television series. However, the minimal bikini sets that make up the majority of this collection are its hallmark. (Other supermodels like Gisele Bundchen and Elsa Hosk and celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez have been spotted sporting similar styles on several occasions.) Although they are available in sizes ranging from extra small to big and in cup sizes going all the way up to a plus, these designs appear to have more modest cuts that are better suited for women who have smaller breasts.

Knix Sizes: XS-XXXXL+

Bikinis and one-piece swimsuits with period-proof SPF 50+ protection are available.

Knix makes it easy to swim and relax without worrying about any awkward reveals, which is a huge benefit when you consider that going to the pool or beach while on your period is never an ideal situation. It's all owing to the brand's specialized leakproof swimwear, which is completely lined and has a quick to dry, absorbent, and waterproof layer and can store up to three tablespoons of liquid in total (or equivalent to what two tampons would). The variety comprises several one-pieces and bikini sets, all of which offer SPF 50+ protection and are chlorine and seawater-resistant. In addition, they are more wearable because of the no-dig seams. Since they are meant to trap leaks, the cuts are full coverage. The high-waisted versions are also a terrific way to go since they look lovely and give an exceptionally flattering fit when you're feeling bloated.

If you want to wear bikinis, the firm also offers a variety of tops in colours and patterns that coordinate with the bottoms. Additionally, there are alternatives ranging from XS to XXXXL+, so there are sizes to accommodate various body types.


Sizes: 0-24

Styles: Bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces

Sustainable \sSize Summersalt, a swimwear business founded in Missouri, caters to customers of all sizes by providing one-piece swimsuits, tankinis, and bikinis in sizes ranging from 0 to 24. Because the company's co-founders, Reshma Chamberlin and Lori Coulter, scanned the bodies of over 10,000 women and took over 1.5 million measurements, they were able to establish a flattering fit for women of various shapes and sizes. As a result, you may be sure that you will be able to locate a suitable size. Even pregnant ladies and others who have very lengthy torsos have alternatives open to them. The broad lineup of designs offered by the brand is environmentally friendly and comes in a variety of colours and silhouettes that are in line with current fashion trends. These include vibrant colour-blocked alternatives, which are a hallmark of the business. Compression, diagonal seaming, adjustable straps, and built-in cups are among the supporting aspects included in the pieces to help keep you feeling secure and locked in while wearing them.

The items are adorable and adaptable in equal measure, and they may be worn both at home and out.

Eloquii Sizes: 14-48

Styles: Bikinis, tankinis and one-pieces

It is fully lined with additional reinforcements in critical areas.

Eloquii, a plus-size shop, sells a variety of stylish swimwear for ladies with curves in their bodies. Cute one-pieces, tankinis, and bikinis that range in size from 14 to 28 are adorned with summertime designs that are bright and colourful, as well as embellishments that are figure-flattering and draw the eye, such as tie-front accents and smocked textures. The bras are made of nylon and spandex, and they are fully lined for smoothing and shaping properties. Additionally, they feature concealed components that provide the support you want, such as an inner sling shell and detachable or set foam cups. The prices are relatively reasonable for the styles, with separates beginning at $69 and one-pieces retailing for $149.

Eres Sizes: FR 38-44

Styles include one-piece swimsuits and bikinis.

Fabric that is not only comfortable but also dries quickly and has a second-skin fit

Super durable

With over forty years of expertise in the swimwear sector, the French name Eres has become well-known for its elegant, high-quality pieces, which have helped establish it as one of the most flattering swimsuit brands available on the market. The brand's innovation can be summed up in its two trademarked fabrics: peau douce, which provides a comfortable, close-to-skin fit, and parachute material, which ensures that the swimsuit dries nearly instantly after becoming wet. In addition, each design undergoes stringent testing in the "destruction lab" located in Paris to see how well it will hold up after being repeatedly subjected to elements such as light, water, and sand. Any gear attached to the suits is also heated up so that its durability may be evaluated.

Equal parts The one-pieces and bikinis sold by Eres are traditional and fuss-free in their designs, making them an excellent choice for customers who don't want to deal with the sometimes confusing strappy styles offered by other retailers. Be aware, however, that they do contain some understatedly fashionable touches, like front zippers and understatedly laced-up decorations. In addition, they are available in a wide range of coverage levels and a dazzling array of colours, including neutrals that look good on various skin tones and rich colours for a splash of colour.

Even though Eres' bathing suits are not inexpensive (try a bikini top for 320 dollars), they are the ideal classic designs that will fit you like a glove and continue to be in your rotation for many years.

Jade Swim

XS to XL, with cups ranging from A to D.

Styles include one-piece swimsuits and bikinis.

Basics with a sophisticated twist

Brittany Kozerski-Freeney, a former fashion editor and stylist, is the creative force behind the company Jade Swim, which is situated in New York City and has pieces that are both simple and elegant and easy to mix with the rest of your summer outfit. They are filled out with reflective elements like protective UV and chlorine-resistant technology and Italian fabrics that are sustainable (including those manufactured with Econyl) and have exceptional bounceback and smoothing capabilities. These fabrics come from Italy. The patterns are also resistant to oils and sunscreen, which means you may lather up as much as you want without worrying about accidentally discolouring them.

The styles are also created in limited batches to cut down on waste, and they are shipped in biodegradable shipping bags. These are two more ways that the company contributes to its mission of doing good.

Traditional one-piece and bikini cuts are included in the assortment, such as bandeaus and v-neck designs. Additionally, there is a range of more current cuts offering minor modifications, such as one-shoulder shapes and cutouts.

Sommer Swim Sizes: XS-XL

Bikinis and one-pieces made of chlorine and saltwater resistant Xtra Life Lycra are available.

Best for smaller breast sizes

Sommer Swim will become your go-to destination if you're a fan of revealing swimwear that leaves nothing to the imagination. The Australian company specializes in items like as twisted bandeaus and strappy triangle tops to Brazilian and fashionable thong cuts that are great for eliminating tan lines. Emily Ratajkowski and Kaia Gerber are just two of the many celebrities who have been seen wearing these pieces (although the brand does carry a few full coverage bottoms for people who desire them, too). The pieces are constructed of Italian Xtra Life Lycra, which offers elasticity, form retention, and resistance to chlorine and salt, and they are double lined for comfort. These attributes make the pieces ideal for athletic use.

The brand's Xena bikini and the accompanying side tie bottoms are red, and I possess both of them (to note, Kendall Jenner has worn the same set in a mosaic print). I like that the top in the design of an upside-down triangle may be knotted in a crossover fashion in the front or traditionally fastened at the nape of the neck. Furthermore, after obtaining the proper configuration for my frame, I didn't have to worry about nip slips occurring. The bottoms have extra long side ties that may be wrapped around the torso to provide a seductive impression is yet another fantastic feature of these bottoms. Every time I wear the fiery set, I receive compliments on its looks.

Be aware, however, that the available sizes are relatively constrained. For example, some tops go up to a size big made for D+ cups, but the styles may not be as supportive for larger forms since they are so simple.

Ideas for Putting Together a Swimsuit

The ideal dress to wear with your swimwear should be versatile enough to accommodate whatever activity you have scheduled for that day and go well with your swimwear. Both sarongs and coverups have long been considered to be traditional combinations. Still, for this season, we're taking a cue from Hailey Bieber and opting for sheer alternatives so that we can highlight the splendour of a striking suit. These items are also fantastic to have in your wardrobe for those sweltering days when you want to get away with wearing the least amount of cloth possible (and maximize tanning opportunities while wearing SPF, of course). Alternately, you might attempt polishing up your appearance by adding a button-down shirt, or you could go the boho approach by opting for a breezy crochet dress, which designers such as Gabrielle Hearst, Chloe, and Altuzarra are advocating for this season. These summer trousers can easily transition from a day at the beach to dinner at the resort when paired with a simple top and some exquisite summer sandals. Trousers made of lightweight, breathable linen are essential for vacation since these summer pants can also be worn year-round. (Dresses made of linen and pants made of linen can also be dressed up for evening activities.) Finally, choose one of the best designer beach bags, such as a breezy raffia tote or a colourful knit shoulder bag, to accessorize and add a luxurious touch to your look. These bags can be used to store all of your things and are perfect for the beach.

High Neck Bikini Top

Today's swimsuits are not only suited for days spent by the sea, but they also include cutting-edge stylistic innovations and are elegantly manufactured. Along the same lines as the trend of wearing bralettes as tops, a stunning bikini top can also be worn as a top on its own. Consider accessorizing yours with a structured blazer and track pants à la Celine's spring '22 styling for a casual daytime look, or coordinate a metallic bikini top with a shimmering set à la David Koma's spring runway for a festive going-out look. Both of these looks were inspired by the designer's spring runway shows.



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