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yogabrick™ 2Pcs+Gift

You We’ve all had that moment where we’vearrived at our 6pm yoga class, frazzled from the day and desperate for some rest and relaxation, only to find that somehow we’ve ended up next to the most flexible person in the world. Someone who can not only naturally touch their toes, but also do the perfect Pigeon and get into Dancer without assistance.

Well, fear not. Yoga blocks are a great way to deepen your flexibility and enhance your practice by giving you the support you require. They are also great modifiers when you’re not quite ready for a full pose. Can’t get your hands on the floor? Doesn’t matter – the block can help. Need something to lean on as you practise Warrior 3? The block is your friend. 

Our block helps you to improve your poses from your very first yoga session.
The essential accessory for stable and comfortable poses, no matter your flexibility. It can also replace a meditation pillow for moments of recentring.  

Props are an invaluable support and - if anything - highlight a deeper knowledge of the practice and your own body and its own personal needs.
ALWAYS have a couple of bricks at the top of your mat at the start of practice.

Item: EVA yoga block
Material: eco-friendly Eva foam
Size: 3"x6"x9" 

Features: EVA foam, closed cell foam
2.suitable hardness, standard 30C hard
3.unit weight 200g, good supporting


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